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The Role of the Nigerian Police Force in Election Security Management within context of the Electoral Act, 2022.

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Elections as a tenet of democracy is the right and power of a people to decide who wields the helms of authority in running the affairs of a nation at various levels of government by electing candidates into political offices across the country. It is the way by which the choice of the majority in a State is determined and decided. This right to decide the forerunners of governance is vested on the electorate, and in order to ensure that this right is truly guaranteed and properly exercised, certain parameters must be put in place to ensure that an election is conducted in a free, fair and credible manner, one of which includes but is not limited to a secured environment to enable voters exercise their civic rights without fear, intimidation and/or undue influence.

To achieve the aforesaid goal, security agencies must act at an optimal level before, during and after elections to ensure that the mandate of the electorates is not jeopardized in any way form or manner. It is on this basis that the Electoral Act has charged security agencies to ensure that lives and properties are safeguarded before, during and after elections according to international best practices. Click to read the full article