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In the last few years, Nigeria has experienced a rapid shift in technological growth and advancement impacting the country’s economy positively through unprecedented investment in the sector.

According to the Nigerian Startup Ecosystem Report 2022, it was reported that Nigeria is Africa’s most popular investment destination, the report also revealed that between 2015 and 2022, 383 Nigerian tech Startups raised a total of $2Billion, higher than any other country.

It was recorded that in 2015, Nigerian startups raised a combined US$49,404,000, and as at the time of the publication in August 2022, Nigerian Startups have raised US$747,908,000 making for over 1400% increase in funds raised in the period. What is most fascinating is that Nigeria’s most valuable unicornFlutterwave attracted a 250-milliondollar Series D round funding a record high funding round.

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